When there is measurable snow in April, Minnesotans start losing some of that "Minnesota Nice" you hear so much about. Yes, we're used to snow, we live in the cold...but, even WE have a boiling point. Consider us "triggered."

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1. We start hiding people on Facebook who post about how warm their vacation spot is.

2. We're crabby because we haven't been able to take out all of our pent up stress on our gardens yet.

3. We stop shoveling our driveways. Our rational? It'll melt soon. I mean, it has to...right?

4. We're not only sick of the cold, but we're just plain ol' sick. Yes, all of this stress weakens you immune system and you end up contracting a cold. Or, perhaps it's the fact that you already put away your winter jacket for the year in protest.

5. Even the snowmobilers are peeved.

6. You've seen someone post a video or picture on social media chillin' in the snow in a bathing suit.

7. Nothing sounds more appetizing than something hot off the grill.

8. You've even considered buying a special lamp you've heard about...the kind with vitamin D.

9. You're getting bad cabin fever.

10. You've asked yourself why you still live here.


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