Halloween costumes give me life. If I could spend the whole month of October picking out costumes for people I would. Here are 10 'Minnesota themed' costume ideas for 2018!

1. The Purple One - Pay homage to Prince. Get the full Purple Rain look here! 

2. The Minneapolis Miracle - Couples costume idea, or a single idea! Things needed: Stefon Diggs jersey, and a football. For the couple part, one person dresses up as Paul Allen with a headset calling the game and going crazy.

3. A State Fair Favorite - Craving Sweet Martha's Cookies and unlimited milk? Boy do I got the couples costume for you! 

4. A Legit Viking - Doubles as proper attire for US Bank Stadium. Get yours here! 


5. Jolly Green Giant - The statue is in Blue Earth, MN, but you're bringing him to life this Halloween! Get the getup here! Everyone looks great in a leaf dress.

6. Peanuts Characters - Charles M. Schultz would be proud! Plus this Charlie Brown shirt is super easy and inexpensive! 

7. Cherry and Spoon - Show your love for the arts, mainly the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis! This ultimate couples costume involves one being the cherry, and one being the spoon! Plus this one could TOTALLY be DIY'ed.

8. Paul and Babe - I've seen this one a few times. Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox are a Minnesota duo not to be messed with, and an easy costume to put together in a pinch!

9. Lego Land at MOA - Love going to the Lego store at the Mall of America? Show your building skills in this giant Lego costume! 

10. State Bird - The Mosquito. This is an easy DIY. A gray sweatshirt, wire coat hangers with panyhose stretched over, and a paper towel tube with some ducktape. Use this adorable kid as inspiration! Or buy a whole getup from a sketchy website?


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