This past weekend I attended the Metallica concert at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. It was an incredible show and I was lucky enough to be second row on the floor for it!

Abbey Minke, Townsquare Media

Before the show started my friends and I were getting to know the people we were standing next to. There was a very nice biker dude from Arkansas, and a cute couple from England of all places! They flew over just for the concert which I thought was kinda nuts, but then I came to find out they were only 16 years old! In addition to being super young, they also came alone. No parents at all!

I can't imagine being 16 and flying to the other side of the world with a boyfriend, with no parents, just for a concert. They seemed like really responsible kids but still, that has to be super scary!

Parents, what do you think? Would you let your teenager do something like this?!