Howard Jones Visits The Traffic Jam!
It was my absolute pleasure this afternoon, to interview 80's legend Howard Jones.  I have seen him three times in concert, but none of those were in the last 25 years.
Tonight, Howard Jones is playing at The Varsity Theater, in Minneapolis...
Celebrate Memorial Day At The Benton Station!
In case you weren't aware - we have a three day weekend approaching.  This Monday is Memorial Day, which means you probably don't work.  That also means that you are free to go out and have some fun on Sunday night!
What I'm getting to (albeit in a roundabout kind of way) is …
MIX Summer Spectacular Just Announced!
MIX fans were exciting to bring you the first annual MIX Summer Spectacular on Saturday August 18th @ the Halfway Jam site in Royalton, MN (just outside St. Cloud). Tickets go on sale for MIX Insiders on Friday May 11th and for the general public on May 12th
The MIX 94.9 Concert Season Is Definitely Here!
Everyone loves a good concert.
There is nothing like seeing one of your favorite bands play live, in the middle of a pumped up crowd!
And it always seems like the concert season really picks up - as soon as the weather starts to get nice...
Sweet Siren At Benton Station Saturday Night!
All the christmas shopping is done, and you're looking for something to do this weekend, right?  We have the answer - join us  Saturday night at The Benton Station in Sauk Rapids for comedy and our house band: Sweet Siren.
80’s All Over – The Brat Pack Radio Experience!
For six years and running now, Minnesota-based Brat Pack Radio has been performing far and wide across the globe.  From Midwestern venues & festivals near home, to the Russian coast, European riverboats and 1,001 points in between, they continue to turn heads with a polished, high-en…
The Best Day Of The Year In Rice – Is Family Fun Day!
The summer is winding down, and most of our local towns have had their respective festivals.  But in Rice this Saturday, there is one more event that you probably won't want to miss.
Let me rephrase that.  There is an event that your kids will never forgive you for - if you DON'T …

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