The holidays can be a really romantic time of the year. If you went on a first date with someone and you aren't sure if you should go on a second date, here are a few reasons why you should call them back. 

Maybe the first date didn't go that well. It could have been that you weren't nervous, but your date was. First dates are awkward anyway. You're not sure what to laugh at, if they're being sarcastic or not, what to ask or what to say. If you felt that maybe there could potentially be something…maybe, give it another shot.

Speaking of asking questions, first date questions seem mundane and boring or kind of like a job interview, but they don't have to be on the second date. Even if the questions or conversation on a first date was kind of yawn inducing, it doesn't mean that the person is a big dull dud. A second date can be more fun because usually, with a second date the first date nerves are gone. Second date questions can be just as important, but in a more fun setting, they can seem like fun.

You or your date could have been having a bad day the day of your first date. Whether it was a missed deadline, a raking over the coals from your boss, or a huge meeting that ran way longer than it should have and it backed you up with everything else you have to do at work. Something like that can really wreck your day, and then pile that on top of a first date and it's like asking for trouble. You don't want to be remembered by someone at your worst.

Maybe he wore nerdy shoes or an ugly shirt. Maybe she had a nice figure, but wore an unflattering dress, or she wore uncomfortable shoes so she couldn't really dance. You can't be that absolutely sure about someone and though we're all guilty of it from time to time, we shouldn't judge someone by the clothing they wear. Give them another shot before you completely dismiss them all together. Maybe he has a different first date shirt or she now knows you like dancing so she'll wear more sensible shoes.

Sometimes you need a second date to see if you're comfortable around them. Maybe he was just too nervous to lean in for the kiss, or maybe she doesn't kiss on the first date. A lot of times people don't even physically touch in a romantic sense on the first date besides a cordial handshake and you can't get any spark from that. On the second date, maybe instead of just opening the door for you, he may also put his hand on the small of your back. Maybe now that we have some snow, he may extend his hand to help you into our out of the car. Sometimes you need that unexpected physical contact to feel something.

A second date is never a waste of time. He may not be perfect, but dinner and drinks is better than watching a rerun of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives in your sweats.