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I Have Been Doing Glitter Nails Wrong My Whole Life! [Video]
I have always been under the impression that it takes about 438 coats of glitter nail polish to get the desired effect. Turns out that I was just doing it the wrong way my whole life! 
If you are like me and just kept layering on the polish mountain, check out the video above and then we can get…
How to Throw a Great Party
The holiday entertaining season is coming up and you may be throwing parties for family or friends or you may have been put in charge of the office party. Here are a few things to not overlook so your party can come off without a hitch.
How to Spot a Scam
There are scams all over the place. Phone scams, email scams, snail mail scams and Internet scams are all over the place. Obviously, the best way to avoid these scams is to hang up, hit delete, throw it away or don't click the link, but sometimes it's not that easy to see what's comin…
How to Wear Fall Trends
Fall is such a wonderful time of the year. The sun is at a great angle, everything is spiced with one thing or another, there are vegetables abound and the fashion is so interesting. We can start with a coat in the morning, but shed it in the afternoon to reveal a great blazer and a statement neckla…

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