If you ask most men that question, the answer would probably be, "never", but there is a good time to watch a romantic comedy and I am here to give you the magic touch that may get your man to agree to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research suggests that turning down the thermostat just may do the trick.

Most consumers watch movies like Pretty Woman, What Women Want, and There's Something About Mary when the temperature drops because, "We often think of love as being warm. The link between love and warmth appears in everyday language, songs and poems", or so says lead author Jiewen Hong.

In one study, Hong and co-author Yacheng Sun found that subjects who drank cold tea were more likely than those who drank warm tea to choose romance movies over other movies like dramas, action or horror films. In another study, the researchers varied the room temperatures in the rooms and found the same results.

So, what do you think? Are you more likely to snuggle up and watch a Jennifer Aniston movie in the winter? Are you more likely to watch a romantic comedy in the theater or at home? Guys: Are you more agreeable to watching a romcom at home or do you dare to be seen buying a ticket to This Means War?