There is still plenty of time in September to score some great deals.

Patio Furniture

With cooler weather setting in, our porch sitting days are winding down, so if you're looking for new patio furniture, now is the perfect time to buy. Stores are making way for shovels, snow blowers, snow throwers; patio tables, patio chairs, lawn chairs, swings, picnic tables and the like are going to be on sale for deep deep discounts so you can sit pretty knowing you got a great deal.

Personal Technology

Apple announced two new iPhones this week, which means the older iPhone models are going to be on sale, plus Apple is releasing a "budget iPhone" this month as well, so if you want an iPhone but can't pay five or six hundred dollars for a new one, you can still get one on a budget. Tablets are also on sale for deep discounts as the iPad mini is getting a makeover, so the older generations of iPad mini will be on sale. The Amazon Kindle Fire HD is also getting an update so expect the older models to go on sale for record low prices.


Football season is here and watching football on an HDTV can't be beat. Don't go to the bar and watch TV. Buy one on the cheap and stay home. TVs from 32 to 60 inches are all on sale right now. You can find 32 inch 1080 LCD HDTVs for around $169 right now. A 60 inch plasma screen TV is about $600.

Desktop Computers

If you need a new computer for the house or for your business, now is the time to buy. The prices on dual core processor have been falling over the past few years as we are moving more toward tablets and mobile technology, but for more heavy computing needs, you can pick up a desktop starting at about $200.