The weekend is here and it's summer vacation. We traveled all over the place with our camper in the summer time and there was a lot of "Are we there yet? I have to go potty! I'm hungry! She's kicking me!" And that was before we even got on the freeway!  Here's how to keep your kids occupied and quiet in the car or on the plane.


If you have an iPad, chances are you don't really need anything else because this thing is really cool. You can watch movies, play games and find the nearest rest stop if you need to.

iPod Touch

If you don't have an iPad, the iPod Touch is the next best thing. You can still play movies and games and look up the nearest rest stops, but for older kids who think road trips are dorky, this is great for them. They can listen to music and ignore the family. Wish I would have had one of these back in the day.

Leap Pad

For the littler travelers, the Leapster or the Leap Pad are both fantastic. The iPad and the iPod may be a little too grown up for some kids, so this is great for that age group. It offers educational games so the kids can keep their skills sharp while they're on summer break and have fun in the process.

Portable DVD Players

If your vehicle doesn't have an in-cabin DVD player, portable DVD players are great. They're kind of the dinosaurs of the technology world, but they're not that expensive and still get the job done.

Don't forget the extra chargers! No matter what gadget you bring along, the battery life will run out and then what are you going to do on the trip home? When you pack for the kids, don't forget the charger. Bring an extra one just in case you leave one at your destination.