A few years ago I was working as an summer office assistant during the Olympic games. Two of my coworkers were sisters, Laci and Larissa, and I loved hearing their banter back and forth. I swear I have never laughed more in my life than I did that summer.

When Michael Phelps won six medals during the games, Laci looked to Larissa and said, "You two are the same age. He has won six gold medals. What are you doing with your life?". It was hilarious, until you actually started to think about it. There are a lot of successful people at every age that can make you question what you are doing to leave your mark on the world.

This link will allow you to type in your age and see what other successful people have done at the same point in their lives, but it also encourages you to add your own accomplishments!


When I typed in my age I found that Bill Gates had already confounded Microsoft, Jane Austen had already wrote Pride and Prejudice and Charles Lindbergh learned to fly. I need to step up my game.

What did it say when you typed in your age? Leave me a comment below!