Good Morning Central Minnesota.  Hopefully we got at least 24 hour relief from the rain.  Today partly cloudy (86) and tonight mostly cloudy (68).

Celeb Birthdays Include:  Al Molinaro (94) **Al from Happy Days and and Michele Lee (71) **Karen from Knots Landing.

Monsters University beat World War Z at the Box Office this weekend.  It's the 14th straight #1 movie for Pixar.  Good quality family entertainment always wins!

Twinkies will be back in stores next month.  That means all those people that went nuts all over Facebook better get to the store and support.

So despite everyone saying the baby's name was "Kaidence Donda West" last week, it came out that Kim and Kanye named their first born...North West.

Dawn and her six year old daughter Hailey knew "Cruise" was the song Jen was rocking on "Name That Kazune."  Dawn and Hailey were listening in Rice this morning and picked up lunch at the American Burger Bar.

According to a new survey, the average person spends $406 a month on work related expenses.  That's $4,872 a year or about 10% of the average American salary.

The Food Network fired Paula Deen last Friday after it became public that she admitted during a court deposition that she used racial slurs.  Paula made two video apologies and is hoping the public can forgive her.

Jen had some great tips about 'Hydrating without Water" inside the Junk Drawer this morning.

Lee from Rice is our latest qualifier to win the 3-day pass to Halfway Jam.  We will draw a winner at the end of the month.