As the summer season gets underway, it's important to stay hydrated. Here are a few hydrating alternatives to water.

Orange Juice

OJ is good for you because it is loaded with Vitamin C which is a natural booster for your immune system. It also has something in it called hesperiden. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claims that hesperiden is a chemical found in plants that has been shown to benefit your heart and may decrease blood pressure which is one of the leading causes of heart disease. If you find it too sweet, try cutting it with some water.

Green Tea

Green tea, as well as other herbal teas are packed with polyphenols (aka antioxidants) that help fight off free radicals which can cause cell damage. According to a study by the University of Maryland, in Far Eastern cultures, green tea is used to treat skin conditions as well as a natural diuretic for when you’re feeling bloated and icky. The study also showed that green tea can help regulate blood sugar and possibly promote healthy cholesterol levels. It doesn't have to be hot green tea, either. Iced green tea with a little honey and lemon is delicious.


There are so many reasons to drink your milk. Number one, because mom and dad said so or you’ll go on time out and number two, milk contains calcium to promote good bone density and strong teeth, Vitamin D that promotes healthy skin and it’s loaded with protein to help muscle growth. Skim milk is supposedly better for you than sports drinks because it has slightly more sodium which helps your body absorb the main ingredient: Water. For those who can’t drink cow’s milk like me, soy milk will work, too.


According to Registered Dietician, author and sports nutritionist Nancy Clark, it's good for endurance athletes to drink in the middle of their workouts because it has the correct amount of carbs, sodium and calories to push you through to the end. If you don't want to drink a can of V8 in the middle of your 20 mile bike ride down the Lake Wobegon Trail, no problem. Gatorade Endurance does the same thing.

Obviously, plain old water is the best, and there are a few things to put in it that can make it super refreshing and tasty.

Give a fresh lemon (or lime) a squeeze or two and stir. Melons are also great in water. Cut honeydew or cantaloupe and put it in a pitcher, add water and refrigerate overnight. Some of my other favorites are a puree of raspberries, strawberries and blackberries in still or sparkling water and ice. Fresh mint is great ground up and floated in water and cucumber is also very refreshing.