I recently went to a Fondue party hosted by my neighbors Todd and Jen.  I've never had Fondue before this and my wife's been harping on me to give it a try.  She knows what I like and was convinced I would become a huge fan.  Guess what....she was right!

I learned there are guidelines to follow when enjoying Fondue with others.

Jen Williams was kind enough to clue me in on the "5 Rules of Fondue."
1) Absolutely No Double Dipping Allowed!

2) If you drop your food in the pot, you have to take a drink.

3) Do not us the fork you used for dipping in your mouth!  Not only is HOT as hell but its germy.


5) Have Fun and enjoy the experience with friends or family.

**Rule #2 should be wine if at all possible and your over 21 :)

Chad Taylor

I can't wait to do this again!  Hint Hint.....Here are some fun Fondue recipes to try.