Normally, parents post tests on the fridge when little junior gets an A or a B. Well, there's one school in England that took a whole pile of failed tests and posted them as part of a gallery. 

The Larkmead School of Abingdon decided it would be a good idea to post a gallery of failed tests from 11th graders. Granted, they were practice tests, but still.

The school received several complaints from both parents and students regarding the gallery. Complainants said that the photos were humiliating. The head master at the school said that the idea was intended to "support and help" struggling students. One parent said that her daughter was so disgusted and humiliated that her test made it into the gallery that she refused to return to school. Her mother said that the gallery is the equivalent of bullying and it's not going to help anyone.

The school has agreed to take the gallery down, but it seems the damage has already been done.