Well if you know me...You know that Liam Neeson is my absolute favorite actor..(A close second would be Hugh Jackman, but that's another story).   Meet him?  Of course I'd like to meet him!   He's 61...Rugged...Tall, Dark and handsome.  I'm a sucker for the hero types.  Plus...He's rough, tough, and has a great smile.  Just an all around REAL feel American hero.  Who wouldn't want a guy like that saving them from international  tragedies on a daily basis.


I really enjoyed this movie.  Suspense from beginning to end....It had a lot of twists and turns. I was impressed by how they were able to take the aspect of social media and make you feel like YOU were a part of the movie, receiving texts on your phone.


Although I'd love to tell you how this story ends, I don't want to ruin your experience.  Being in a theatre made it all the better.  The story was easy to follow but figuring out the "Who done it"?  I'm usually really good at that...Not this time!  They kept me guessing and it was great.

Next time you see Liam...Tell him he can text me anytime! Or better yet....Walk his way right on over here to our studios for a LIVE interview.    It would be hard work...but I' m a team player.  LOVE YOU LIAM!   :-)