Those who want to help out the homeless in New York by making food donations are no longer able to. In a new "Nanny State" policy, New York City is cracking down on food donations to the homeless.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that he was concerned about about the food that was donated because no one was keeping an eye on how much fat, trans fats, salt and sugar was in the donated food. A local television station reported that the ban was imposed by an inter-agency task force and Mayor Bloomberg said that the food was unsafe and that none of the food that was previously accepted should have been taken in the first place.

This will lead to more food being wasted and more money being spent because food that could be eaten is being thrown out. Shelters may now be in trouble because a lot of them are run on donations or on local or state funding and budgets are being slashed year after year. They're homeless. They're hungry. Do you really think they care how many calories are in the food they're eating? Probably not. If I didn't get any vouchers from the Salvation Army to buy food from the local grocery store, I had to eat from a food pantry. I tried to spend my money wisely and make healthy choices, but sometimes that wasn't always possible and I just ate whatever I could find at the food bank because I needed to eat.

What do you think of these so-called Nanny State Policies that are being implemented as politicians go on a personal crusade to save us from us?