Gourmet Guess, what's new on DVD and OK. So, the rapture didn't happen, but Harold Camping insists the world WILL end soon. 

Your Gourmet Guess clue for today: Though now sold as a dry convenience food, this was considered and upper class dish as recently as the 18th Century. The home made version is made using fresh pasta and a Mornay sauce, but we are mostly used to dry noodles and orange powder. (Scroll down for the correct answer.)


New on DVD today:

I Am Number Four (PG-13) - Alex Pettyfer is one of nine teens hiding on Earth. Dianna Agron plays the human he falls for. Teresa Palmer is Number Four's ally, Number Six. Our Movie Maven Ileana calls this one a rent.

Gnomeo & Juliet (G) - It's like Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, but with garden gnomes. Ileana loved this one and calls it a buy. Check out her review of it here.


Harold Camping, the leader of the fringe sect Family Radio says he was "flabbergasted" that the world didn't end on Saturday. His original prediction was that rapture would take place May 21, the planet would be devastated by earthquakes and the like before Earth was finally destroyed October 21. Even though the rapture didn't happen, Camping is still sticking by the prediction, saying, "The world has been warned." We are not flabbergasted that the world didn't end because we're pretty sure The Big Guy didn't want to miss the last Oprah show.


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