What are you doing on Saturday night December 10th at 5pm? Whatever it was, cancel, grab your kids and coats, and head into Downtown St. Cloud! We're excited to be the flagship station for this year's Winter Nights and Lights Parade. The theme is 'A Dickens of a Holiday' and there's a ton of stuff to do that night, starting with the parade along St. Germain at 5pm. Following that, make your way down to The River's Edge Convention Center for the tree lighting celebration and a warm and cozy after-party inside the Kelly Inn. Not only are The Receders playing, but there's food, pictures with Santa, a petting zoo, cookie decorating and a coloring contest, sponsored by TruStone Financial. If your kids want to enter just click here and print off the coloring sheet! You can still get your float or business into the parade- just click here and contact The Downtown Council. Tune to MIX 94.9 if you're on the parade route that evening, starting about 4:50pm we'll be playing an hour and a half of Christmas music for the parade!


You may have heard that Michele Obama was rudely booed at a NASCAR event earlier this week. The President was a little ticked off, and when we called him to talk turkey about the MN Toms that were being sent up the Potomac to be pardoned for Thanksgiving, he went off on us...


Ileana the MIX Movie Maven stops by every Tuesday with her DVD picks-

This week she says buy 'Super 8' because it's everything a movie should be and with the team of Speilberg and JJ Abrams (Alias, LOST, Star Trek) you can't go wrong. It has a great kid cast of unknowns and the suspense is real. She gave it an A in her review.

Rent 'Conan the Barbarian' - Ily gave it a C in her review and says the ONLY redeeming quality is a shirtless Jason Momoa. Too bloody, too cheesy and just plain over-done.

Don't even bother with 'Spy Kids: All the Time In The World' - a new cast, and silly cameos by the former cast and Director Robert Rodriguez's buddies make this a poor imitation of the first two Spy Kids movies. Dull action and even duller acting.

We're all pumped to see The Muppets back on-screen this weekend. Ily says Jason Seigel is kind of a big Muppet himself.