Starring: Jason Momoa, Stephen Lang, Rose McGowan, Ron Pearlman

Summary: That lovable Cimmerian warrior is back! This time he is played the always brooding Jason Momoa. Conan, who is born into battle, sees his father (Pearlman) murdered and his village destroyed as a young boy. As he grows up he is constantly on the search for the man responsible, the evil Khalar Zym (Lang). Zym is aided by his twisted daughter Marique (McGowan), who happens to be a witch. It seems that only Conan is brave enough to try and stop the evil Zym from achieving total world domination.

The word that best describes this film is – blah. The cast was good but they were given nothing to work with. The storyline was generic and dull (A hero on a quest for revenge needs to save a beautiful damsel and stop an evil madman from enslaving all of mankind). While the action is really bloody and barbaric, there was no “wow” factor anywhere to be seen. Even the 3D effects did nothing for it (they were good but not great). I truly believe that in the hands of a different crew the movie could have been much better.

Trivia: The always delightful Morgan Freeman narrates this film, even though he’s not credited for it.

Rated: R – For strong bloody violence, some sexuality and nudity.

Grade: C