There has been a lot of problems with celebrity marriages and relationships lately. As a fairly common, regular, guy - I usually find it impossible to feel sorry for these rich folks in any way. Plus, it is true that most of their misery, they bring on themselves.

Then along comes a breath of fresh air, albeit from someone we've all known for about 30 years - Michael J. Fox.

Michael J. Fox clearly understands how to make a relationship work.  His ups and downs, physically and emotionally, have been well documented through the years.  But he has always been known for his intelligence - which is still, and always will be, a trait that most women find very sexy.

For his 23rd wedding anniversary, he gave his wife something that she had always wanted.  He made one of her dreams come true.  He scored a lot of points with this one.

He took her to Paris!

Now, we all can't afford to take our gal to Paris, I understand.  But Michael J. Fox hasn't let one bit of the; romance, excitement, youthfulness, or playfulness, go.  It's all still there in the relationship.  And, as proof, his wife (Tracy Pollan) claims to be the "most content woman in the whole world."

Sounds like she's happy to me, and not just that 'happy because I'm filthy rich' happy, either!  This is genuine, because she is married to a great guy.

"I just love her every day as much as I can - and I tell her how much she means to me as often as I can.  I don't think she'll ever get tired of that." Fox said recently.

She is a lucky woman.

With all the news in recent years, months, and even weeks, about celebrities having affairs, getting divorces, etc. - old school Michael J. Fox could actually teach "Relationship 101".

And if he did; Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Ashton Kutcher, Herman Cain, Jesse James, and Mel Gibson - would be the first to enroll.

And save a spot for Kim Kardashian, too.