89-year-old Betty White is unstoppable! Who says you can't teach and "old" person new tricks? I recently taught my 81-year-old Grandma how to text. Granted she forgot the next day, but it's the thought that counts! Betty is now the newest rapper to come on the music scene.

Betty is featured on a remix of "I'm Still Hot" by Luciana, she's a british techno musician. Check out some of her rhymes.

"I may be a senior but so what?  I'm still hot."

"I left my Emmys in my beatbox . . . beatbox!"

"I'll rock your world with my cheesecake."

"I will get you sweaty, because I'm the big Betty!"

Betty did the track  as part of a partnership with The Lifeline Program.  A "large portion" of the proceeds will benefit the Los Angeles Zoo.

Check out the song below. An Official Music Video will be out next month.

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