Have you ever planned a great trip to some far away enchanted location, just to find that the hotel beds are rock hard, the restaurant is overpriced, and the location you decided to visit was just a big tourist trap.  Here are some ideas for you, to make sure your vacation lives up to you and your families expectations.



Travel Review Sites have certainly become a huge help in evaluating and deciding on when and where you should take your vacation.  There are many to choose from that will help you plan a great vacation. They all have slightly different rolls.  Some of the best I could find include:

  • TripAdvisor.com
  • TravelPost.com
  • IgoYougo.com
  • OpenTable.com


Frequent Flyer Miles usually expire within 18 months.  There are exceptions, but to keep it safe, just remember that having frequent flyer miles will do you NO good, if you don't use them.  You can trade them for a variety of different things, so start checking out what you can trade for to make your next trip more enjoyable and affordable.


Pack light?  But I need 18 pair of paints, 16 pair of shoes, and 20 blouses.  NO you don't!   Try to pack just ONE bag.  If you are traveling for a week,  have some mix and match outfits, and remember, you can always do laundry while you're gone, so when you get home you don't have to wash everything when you walk in the door.



  • A rolling suitcase
  • A camera
  • A copy of your passport
  • One quart Zip lock baggies
  • Your Wallet or Purse
  • Your license
  • Hidden cash
  • Your phone
  • Germ-ex
  • Wipes
Remember, this is your vacation.  No matter what happens, learn to laugh off the bad..The crazy things that happen on a trip, happen to everyone eventually, and make for some of the best stories you can cherish for life!