Move over Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber just surpassed you on Twitter with the most followers.

We live in a social media wold. We tweet, facebook, instagram, etc. Someone can't drool on their pillow without the world knowing. In twitterville, it was a battle to see who had more followers; Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. Well today Lady Gaga was dethroned.

As of Tuesday afternoon, The Biebs had more than 33,349,000 followers, while Gaga was pushing 33,337,000. It's a big deal to some that are in love with Twitter, but for those of us that are more into Facebook, neither of the two are the top dawg. Rihanna has the most "likes" on Facebook!

To celebrate The Biebs dethroning, here is his latest music video featuring NIcki Minaj "Beauty and a Beat"

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