Trending Now: #MakeMeAngryIn5Words
#MakeMeAngryIn5Words is trending on Twitter. I was afraid to see what people were responding with at first because...well...the internet. But - as is often the case - humor prevails, and I'm laughing at five words instead.
The Latest Twitter Trend Has Me in Fits
I'm not usually one to care about what's trending or not, but as someone who spent most of his life to date as hopelessly single, this one rang too familiar. At the very least, I figured it would provide a good laugh, and it didn't disappoint.
#Make A Band Ancient [Top Tweets]
This. Hashtag. Is. Amazing. I have been laughing about these tweets all day! The hashtag #MakeABandAncient is trending on Twitter and it is definitely helping me get through Thursday!
Twitter Kills Off Vine
Say goodbye to 6 second videos of people falling off trampolines, goats making weird noises and dogs driving cars.
#BookaBand Top Tweets
The hashtag #BookaBand is trending on Twitter today and I thought I would share some of the top tweets. Everyone needs a good laugh on a Friday!
For Whom The Bell Biv Devoe Tolls#BookABand@MusicalHashtags @CzexanCzich#Hemingway pic.twitter...
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