Yet another crazy story from the "National Enquirer". They claim that "Mike & Molly" star, Melissa McCarthy wants to lose weight but they wont let her.

“As she gets older, Melis­sa says she’s having a hard time breathing, and she’s starting to have pain in her knees. Melissa would love to drop 40 pounds and focus on a career in films, but she’s stuck with at least another year on Mike & Molly. And her bosses there are re­fusing to let her lose weight. She feels stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

Why would they let a star refuse to lose weight? Normally that's what they want. Everyone on T.V. has to have this perfect body and they are always telling them to lose the weight, but that's not the case for Melissa. A "source" says,

"The way the network and producers look at it, the show's funny because she's fat, and it wouldn't be if she wasn't.  She is contractually bound to stay tubby."

Even though Melissa hasn't commented on this report, 40-pounds is a lot, but I don't think it's enough to really alter her appearance on the show. If she wants to lose weight to be healthy for herself, she should just do it! Thinner or not, Melissa has an amazing personality that I love! But again, this is from "NE," they tend to make up stories just because they can! Either way Melissa, your fans love you! Do what you gotta do for yourself and only yourself!

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