Wow. When Dayna Deters from Dayna Deters Fitness walks in a room, you can tell that she is a fitness pro. She came in the studio the other day, and I couldn't believe her perfect arms.  I call these "frog leg" arms. The kind of arms I would love to have. They look perfectly defined;  just like little frog legs...(except there arms...well...You know what I mean).

Kelly Cordes 2014

If you want arms like this, don't forget to lift some 3 to 5 pound weights to start, and work your way up.  Also don't forget to get in some cardio workouts too.  The flabby arm look isn't IN, and if you want to find out more about great work out ideas, you can always check out Dayna's fantastic website:

My friend Dayna has great videos, and lots of tasty recipes that make eating healthy fun!