As I was driving to the ultrasound appointment to find out the sex of our baby, my nerves got the best of me... BIG TIME.

I don't even remember the drive to the appointment, not cool nerves, but I got there safe and then Brittany and I went in to the ultrasound. And during the appointment, there was some feelings of being light headed... this baby is already making me crazy. In a good way.

This is without a doubt, one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. The ultrasound is amazing! To be able to see little bones, heartbeat, lips, ear, nose and so much more was incredible.

Brittany and I chose to find out what the sex of the baby and we couldn't be more excited and happy! I cannot wait for August to get here so we can meet our baby.

We are not telling anybody, because Brittany's dad wants to be surprised and he's such a good guy, we aren't telling anybody, so he can have his surprise in August.