Halloween Cookies – a Family Tradition
I have fond memories from my childhood of being gathered around the dining room table with my dad, mom and two younger sisters Abigail and Annabeth. It's October, Halloween is just a couple weeks away, and we're decorating Halloween cookies together as The Monster Mash spins on my dad&apos…
My Favorite Christmas Gift This Year
They say the best things come in small packages and that was certainly true for the little bundle of joy our family received this year for Christmas.
Whitney Houston’s Family Developing Reality Show
Since Whitney Houston‘s death nearly four months ago, there has been a lot of drama behind the scenes with the surviving family. Now viewers will be able to get an inside look at how they are coping with the loss of the late pop icon and how they are moving forward with their lives.
The Best Day Of The Year In Rice – Is Family Fun Day!
The summer is winding down, and most of our local towns have had their respective festivals.  But in Rice this Saturday, there is one more event that you probably won't want to miss.
Let me rephrase that.  There is an event that your kids will never forgive you for - if you DON'T …
Things You Didn’t Know That Trigger Depression
Over 50% of Americans suffer from some kind of depression.  There are a lot of things that we all know can cause anyone to be depressed, at any time.  For example; a death, a divorce or break-up, or loss of employment, can all lead to serious, and immediate, changes in a person's emot…