School grades can be frustrating for many parents out there, because they know their kids are capable of getting A's and B's, but they choose to settle for D's. They might get A's on everything they turn in, but just can't get the motivation to get their homework done and turned in, or sometimes, they complete the homework, but never turn it in! It can be incredibly frustrating for parents. Realize that you can't motivate your child to care. It has to come from within. Here are some ideas on how to help them find the get up and go they need to improve their grades.




Showing them how frustrated you are, will just make them feel bad about themselves. They might do a little work, but if it doesn't mean anything to them, this will be short lived. Your anxiety and need for them to care will just create a power struggle between you and your child.





True motivation comes from being properly motivated.  Choose to be an inspiring person.  Think about someone in your own life who is inspiring to you, and work towards being that person for your child.  If you don't think that you can be that person, try to find someone you think will motivate them to become the greatest person they can be and find time to be around those Motivators.





Let your child make his own choices. What?!  Yes...that's what I said.  This is difficult to do, because when it’s a poor choice, you have to watch them fail, and you can often see it coming a mile away. You have to hold him accountable for his actions by letting him face the natural consequences that come with the decisions he makes.  Make sure that your child knows from this point forward, that their are consequences in the real world for not completing your tasks, and there will be consequences at home until the work is turned in, and completed.





  • What motivates my child?
  • What does he really want?
  • What questions can I ask that will help him discover and explore his interests?
  • What are his goals and ambitions?


Will this fix your situation?  If you think your child may have a learning disability that's not been diagnosed, consider meeting with school professionals to have your child tested. Realize that working towards helping your child build confidence and finding things that motivate them may take some time.  Everyone is a work in progress.  Do your best to be a positive influence for your child.  Our goal is to try to help our children discover who they are becoming, so that they can continue to grow and be excited about their lives when they are on their own.