The direction of this film is unclear whether it be The Untouchables or Dick Tracy either way it doesn't appear to meet the hype.

A pretty dynamic cast that includes, Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Nick Nolte, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, however; even with the over the top violence it's poorly directed and produced.

The setting is Los Angeles, 1949 in which a secret crew of cops are determined to take down the ruthless mob king Mickey Cohen who runs the city.

"Sadly, the most attention this film got was six months ago after the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shootings. A pivotal moment in the film had to be cut out because it involved a bunch of mobster machine gunning their way through a movie theater." Brett Martin


The film is playing at the Parkwood Cinemas in Waite Park, check your local listings for show times. The film is rated "R" and runs 1hr 53 mins.

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