I can relate to Scarlett Johansson in a way with her recent break up with Sean Penn. Scarlett is 26, Sean is 50. My most recent ex and I had the same age gap. Towards the end he started acting like my father, not my boyfriend.

Even though we don't know the official reason the two called it quits, the "National Enquirer" said it was Scarlett who walked out because Sean was to controlling. Word is at this years White House Correspondents Dinner, Sean was upset that Scarlett didn't have much of an opinion about Politics. Apparently he told her to go back to school and take a Political Science course. I believe to each their own when it comes to politics, there is no right or wrong answer. We all have our own opinions.

The Enquirer says even though Scarlett loves him, she felt she had no breathing room. She became fed up with him trying to take control of her life. She wants a mentor not a father when it comes to her relationships. I get it Scarlett. It's so frustrating trying to be an individual when someone wants to change you. We should only want to change for ourselves and not others. If he/she doesn't like something about you, there is someone that does and will.

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