Do you ever wonder if you really needed that filling...or if it was even necessary to have a ton of X-rays done?  Here are five signs your dentist might be ripping you off.

1.  They constantly want you to get a deep cleaning done.  Which is where they clean under your gums.  If you don't have insurance, it can cost around $800.

2.  They say you need four cleanings a year instead of two.  Most dental insurance companies only pays for two.

3.  Unnecessary fillings.  Like if they replace your old metal fillings with white ones.

4.  They want to treat your "microcavities."  The little white spots that can show up before a cavity.  But studies found treating them doesn't actually do any good at all.

5.  They order a ton of unnecessary X-rays. You only need a full set every two years.

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