Jason Brown, a19-year-old boy from Illinois, earned the silver medal and a ticket to the Sochi Olympics in February with this amazing performance at the  2014 U.S. Figure Skating Championships on Sunday in Boston. His free skate routine amazed the crowd with his smooth moves on the ice.
The  skater's easy flowing movements were just the beginning of an unbelieveable performance that lead to spins,  jumps, and fancy footwork .  Most amazingly at the end of the performance, he didn't seem to even need a break in between. He just kept bringing it on, one after another with ease.  The crowd couldn't believe what they were seeing.

His infectious smile throughout the routine made him look like the professional he is turning out to be and many audience members tossed roses onto the rink, with a standing ovation at the end of his performance.  Jason will now go on to compete with the U.S. Olympic Team in Men's Figure Skating in Sochi. Well deserved, I might add.  Go Jason!

Kelly Cordes