Jen and I
were chatting this morning about a couple who went all the way to divorce court over a Facebook status.  This couple in India were recently married and a month went by and the husband still hadn't updated his relationship status on Facebook.  His wife got so upset, that she filed for divorce and moved out of the house.  The judge in the case ruled that couple receive counseling and report back to him in a month.  When the husband was asked why he didn't update his status, he replied, "I forgot to."

Over the past several years, I've seen more and more cases, where couples break up or get in brawls over something either posted or not posted on their Facebook page.  I myself, find it very disturbing and can't believe people would throw away something as sacred as  marriage over a social media website.  I understand there are exceptions to the rule, ie: cheating, lying or doing something criminal etc.  Other than that, I don't get why so much importance is placed on their significant others page.

My wife knows my password at all times and I have zero issues with her going into check my messages and posts etc.  Likewise, I have complete access to her page but don't ever feel the need to check it.  We have always shared everything and don't see the need to keep that information from her.  I could never imagine us divorcing or even getting into a big fight over a post /status change unless it met the criteria I mentioned above.