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Wild Rally Past Islanders Monday
The Wild will play at New Jersey Thursday night. The game can be heard on AM 1390 KXSS, with puck drop scheduled for 6 p.m.
'Not So Fake News' 2/19/18 [LISTEN]
Every morning Ashli and Dave O. bring you the 'Not So Fake News' of the day. Some of these stories are crazy, wild and down right unbelievable...but, they're true. Or, at least that's our story and we're sticking to it.
If You Want to Be President, Don't Live In Minnesota
Happy ALMOST Presidents' Day! Monday is the day to take a moment and reflect on the United States leadership since the beginning of our country's birth in 1776. We've had 45 presidents now, and not one of them has come from Minnesota.
My "Secret Healthy" Muffin Recipe
Since I do most of the cooking in my household, I wanted to make sure the food I'm putting in front of my family are things I know will be good for them AND taste good.
Dave Says I Stomped On His Heart This Morning [WATCH]
This morning on the Mixed Up Morning Show we asked each other, if we were still kids and found a crystal ball to see into the future, what things would we be disappointed or surprised about with our lives now?
Plan Your Valentine's Day 'Minnesota Style'
I mean, you could go to dinner on Valentine's Day and buy chocolates and flowers for your lover. But, why do the same thing you've always done? Embrace your Minnesota heritage and try something a little different this year!
Central Minnesota's Unsolved Murders
How well do you really know your neighbor? It sounds like a silly question, but when you think about it there are killers living seemingly normal lives in our very own community unbeknownst to us.
Candlelight Vigil To Be Held For Minneapolis Arby's Sign
What started off as a joke has turned into an organized community event. A candlelight vigil event was created on Facebook for the iconic Minneapolis Arby's sign that was taken down after the building shut down on the corner of West Lake Street and Emerson Avenue South. The event is scheduled f…