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10 Things Minnesotans Do When It’s Cold Outside
For as different as Minnesotans all are, we have a lot of similar tendencies. When the temperature outside starts dropping, we ALL start going into full 'cold weather mode.' Here are ten things we all start to do when it gets chilly!
Wild Skate Past Sharks Sunday
Minnesota is now 15-11-3 overall and will host the Calgary Flames Tuesday night. The game can be heard on AM 1390 KXSS with pregame coverage beginning at 6:45.
I Was Right, Bugs Do Live In Christmas Trees
I called it!! According to a report on Fox, there are many insects that live inside of pine trees like; bark beetles, psocids, mites, adelgids and more. Yes, I said and MORE.
Happy St. Nick’s Day!
As tradition goes, tonight is the night where kids get a visit from St. Nick. He checks up on children to make sure they're on track to be on Santa's nice list.