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New iPhone 6 Reveal Parody [VIDEO]
I love all the original videos by the comedy duo called 'Smosh.' These guys have have over 18 million subscribers to their YouTube channel and earn an estimated $5.7 million a year.
What To Do Before You Hand Your Kid Your Phone
The kid is getting fussy and wants to play on your phone or tablet while you wait. You hand it over knowing that they’ll quiet down, but have you taken proper precautions to make sure nothing gets messed up in the process?
Text Messages to Never Send
Love texting? Me too! When I hear my text alert sound, my heart skips a beat because 9 times out of 10, it’s Glen. He’s usually telling me that he’s on his way home and asking me if I need groceries or anything else so he can stop and get it for me. He…

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