A survey completed last week found that if there was anything at all that a person could improve about their cell phone, it would be a longer battery life. Apparently, we hate charging our phones...We don't have time! We need our phones...and we need them NOW!


  1. KEEP YOUR PHONE COOL- Don't let your phone get hot. The hotter it gets, speeds up the chemical reaction inside the battery and drains it faster. So keep it out of the sun, don't leave it in your car, or other places where it can get warm.
  2. DON'T LET YOUR BATTERY DIE- I know that there's a rule about some things that you should let the battery drain all the way down, and then it will charge better. In this case, that is not the advice you should be following. Never let the battery die. Lithium batteries degrade over time. So if your phone is about to die, they recommend that you just shut it off before it does.
  3. IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO USE YOUR PHONE, STORE IT CHARGED AT 50% - Now, if it's just going to be a couple of days, ignore this advice. But if you are planning on taking a long trip out of the country where you can't use your phone, if you're going to be on a fishing trip where there's no cell signal, then you might want to do this.  Don't forget to keep it in a cool, dry place as well.


  • Turn off push notifications. All those pushes use up a lot of power. Do you really need to know everything at this very moment? Maybe be more cautious about what you consider important enough to get a push notifcation.
  • Change your display settings.  Do you need your phone set to the brightest setting? Your eyes might appreciate a slightly dimmer experience, and it will save on power.
  • Turn off Live Wall Paper.  Live Wall paper is really cool..but it takes power too. As well as GPS. If you're not using it, turn it off.


Yes!  You can download an APP that will actually help you monitor your battery. try ioptimizer or Batterygraph.