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Turn Your Clocks Back this Weekend
The November 6th date to move your clocks back is the second-longest wait since the energy saving switcheroo debuted in 1918. Last year was the longest when we changed our clocks on November 7th.
Tomorrow is National Hug A Vegetarian Day
I am proud to say I have been Meat Free since 1996. I was in the 6th grade when I decided to give it up. A very big decision for such a young person. I wouldn't change a thing though (except for eating healthier ALL the time!)
ABC News Coverage As It Happened [VIDEO]
On the morning of September 11, Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer of Good Morning America on ABC were speaking with correspondent Don Dahler who was near the World Trade Center following the first plane hitting and giving viewers an account of what was happening on the ground. What happened next was s…

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