Linguists at a school in Michigan have released their annual list of words and phrases that are overused and worn out. Here is what they're asking us to stop using. 

Baby Bump - They say they're "tired of pregnancy of being reduced to a celebrity accessory." They're also sick of "anything less than six pack abs being suspected as one."

Occupy - They say it has been "overused and abused, even to promote Black Friday shopping."

Man Cave - They say it's corny and offensive to males who do not wish to create a room filled with stuffed animal heads, an unnecessarily large flat screen TV and Hooters memorabilia. (For the record - I have a room like this, however, the room is filled with my oversized couch, shoes and handbags. It's not called a cave, though. I refer to this room as my "Lady Lair".)

Ginormous - This one makes me sad because I use it.

Win the Future - This one is apparently overused by President Obama and Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich. They say it's an "empty, meaningless phrase" and it basically says that "anyone who opposes anything meant to 'win the future' must want to 'lose the future' which is highly unlikely."

Pet parent, blow back, shared sacrifice and thank you in advance also made it.  If you'd like to see the full list of words we need to stop using, click HERE.