Now that Brad Pitt got down on one knee and Angeline Jolie for her hand in marriage, how did it all go down? Did she cry? What does the ring look like? Well my friends, I have some details to share with you.

If you think Angie doesn't show much emotion, she does outside of the spotlight. She cried and smiled when Brad proposed. And, according to "Us Weekly," Brad gathered all six of their kids to watch him pop the ever important question.

"Everyone hugged once she put [the ring] on.  She went around and showed it to each of the kids."

That ring by the way already has jewelers creating knock-off. One jeweler has a ring for $1,200. You can see the real ring and knock-off HERE.

We first heard that her ring was worth $250,000. That is half of what Brad spent on the ring he gave to Jennifer Aniston. But now, several sites are saying Brad spent the same amount on the ring.

Is it that big of a deal how much a ring costs? I am happy to say that it's not an over-the-top ring that Kim Kardashian had on her finger for 72 days. Even if he spend less on Angie's ring, would it matter? Isn't it the meaning behind the ring that should matter most?

If you found out your man spent more on something for his ex, would you be upset?

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