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Brad Pitt Wants David Fincher to Direct ‘World War Z’ Sequel
How many times will you be afforded the opportunity, in this lifetime, to look at Brad Pitt and say, “In your dreams”? Probably never to his face, unless your name is David Fincher, and your old pal Brad Pitt comes to ask you for a favor, and that favor happens to be directing a sequel…
Brad Pitt Attacked at ‘Maleficent’ Premiere [PHOTOS]
Things got a little scary at the premiere of 'Maleficent' in Hollywood, California last night (May 28) -- and it had nothing to do with the movie. While walking the red carpet with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt became the victim of an attack, getting punched in the face by notorious Hollywood …
Brad Pitt Calls Angelina Jolie “Heroic”
There was a reason we didn't see Brangelina out together for a couple of months. Angie was busy taking precautions for her health and family while her man Brad stood right by her side!

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