Summertime pleasures...ahhhh...What's makes you kick back and relax?  I've compiled a list of the top 20 things that make my summer. See if you agree:

 1.   Drink lemonade on your porch.

 2.   Backyard BBQ's.

 3.   Napping in a Hammock

 4.   Make your own salsa.

 5.  Visit a county fair.

 6.  Have a potluck picnic.

 7.  Make home made ice cream.

 8.  Swing on a rope swing.

 9.   Sleep with the windows open.

10.  Go for a boatride.

11.  Make a dish from your garden veggies.

12.  Take a hike.

13.  Apple pie...(Well...any pie).

14.  Take in a baseball game.

15.  Pick wild flowers.

16.  Ride a bike.

17.  S'mores

18.  Campfires

19.  Go for a swim.

20.  Party on the pontoon.