The "I Love the 90's Tour" is coming back to Minnesota on August 5th at the Myth in Maplewood! Believe it or not, the line-up for this run through is even more stacked than it was last time! 

1. TLC - The headlining act for this tour is working on their newest album that was crowd funded online!


2. Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray - Sugar Ray played at Halfway Jam last summer and it was the HIGHLIGHT of the weekend! I can't wait to see Mark on this tour!


3. Naughty By Nature - With hits like "Uptown Anthem", "Hip Hop Hooray" and "O.P.P", this band is a great addition to the tour!


4. Blackstreet - The whole Myth will be jamming to "No Diggity". Play on playa!


5. Biz Markie - The music video for "Just a Friend" starts with a "Yo Mamma" joke. There is nothing more 90's than that!


6. All 4 One - Bring tissues for when they sing "I Swear"!


7. Montell Jordan - I would have been upset if he wouldn't be on this tour!


8. Snap! - The whole Myth will be shaking when they play "Rhythm is a Dancer"!


9. C&C Music Factory - If you haven't figured it out by now, you're going to be dancing a lot on August 5th!


Tickets aren't available yet but we will keep this post updated as to when you can get yours! The outdoor concert at the Myth on August 5th will be one you don't want to miss!!








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