The Minnesota State Fair is already gearing up for this summer, and they need your help!

For the fourth year in a row, the Dairy Goodness Bar will feature a sundae or malt Flavor of the Fair decided on by YOU! Last year's chosen treat was Pie 'n the Sky -- a mix of spicy, crunchy "airplane" cookies and lemon curd drizzled with dark chocolate. Sweet and tart, it was a hit.

Midwest Dairy

Now, the Midwest Dairy Association has narrowed down this year's flavor to three choices and needs your help deciding which one makes it to the State Fair!

1. It's Breakfast, Dontcha Know?

Midwest Dairy

If your classic farm-style breakfast could be ordered as an ice cream sundae, it would be this -- creamy vanilla ice cream or malt base topped with mini pancakes, bacon bits and maple syrup. I'd wake up before the roosters for this one!

2. Sweet Heat

Midwest Dairy

Ice cream or malt topped with mandarin oranges and jalapeno cheddar kettle chips, this one will be a pleasant kick to the taste buds!

3. That's S'more Like It

Midwest Dairy

This one doesn't require much imagination, but I'm imagining it in my mouth already -- vanilla ice cream topped with Golden Graham cereal, tiny marshmallows and chocolate syrup. For a few brief moments, you may just forget you're at the State Fair surrounded by thousands of people and find yourself back at the cabin on the lake instead.

So what do you think -- any one in particular catch your fancy? Find out which flavor's already in the lead and cast your vote here!

No voting needed on this one -- have you tried Spice of Life Tea Shop in downtown St. Cloud's Bubble Tea?