"This would really suck in the Winter..."

One of the most important questions to ask when buying a home in Minnesota is "Can I see myself living here in the Winter?" If a house or property can pass the Winter-in-Minnesota test, you know it's a house or property worth buying.

A video posted to TikTok pokes a little bit of fun at the home-buyer's test from the perspective of a Minnesota realtor. Crystal McClure is a realtor with Exp Realty out of Plymouth, MN. Earlier this week, she posted a video to TikTok titled "MN Check..."

"You know you're a Minnesota realtor," she addresses the camera, "when you go up a hill on a way to a showing, and you think to yourself, 'This would really suck in the winter!'" McClure grins and points to the hill behind her she just climbed (which, from the viewer's perspective, looks little more than a sloped driveway).

"That [is] the truth in MN," agreed one viewer.

"Thought the same thing when we went to Stillwater last weekend!" joked another.

"We had those exact thoughts when we were looking at houses," agreed a third. "Looked for a mostly flat driveway. Eagan MN here," she said, indicating where she was from. Apparently, Minnesota's not the only state with a winter homebuyer's test.

"New England also," said one.

"You should live where I do," offered another, "in Michigan."

"Same thoughts in Wisconsin," added a third. Now that the proverbial cat's out of the bag, what other unique home features do we look for or consider here in Minnesota?

Finish the line: "You know you're a Minnesota realtor when..."

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