It's funny because I was thinking the other day that we often set goals at the beginning of the New Year and kind of forget about them until the following January.

We're about two months away from the start of the 2019. This means, you still have time to do what you planned on doing at the start of 2018. It doesn't need to be  a new year for you to create a new you. But, if you're a deadline person and want to hit your goal in time, you still have plenty of time to do it. Here are some tricks to help you get your motivation back. 


1. Be realistic with yourself. My goal this year was to lose 20 pounds. I lost about five and then sat there for a long time. If your goal is to lose weight, get moving now. You can change a lot in 60 days. If your goal is to save up some money, you'll be able to save a good chunk in two months time.

2. Get a picture. Print off a picture of what your ideal life looks like. If there's a successful person you want to be like, print a picture and look at it daily. If your goal is to lose weight and have a certain body type, print off a picture. Sometimes just looking at a photo of what you want is enough to give you a sudden burst of motivation.

3. Be specific. You can't possibly measure your success if you don't really know what it is you're aiming for.

4. Write it down. After you figure out your specific goal...write it out. Create a plan of action for yourself. If you're trying to save money maybe you write out a budget. If you're trying to lose weight write out a workout plan for yourself.

5. Tell someone. It's harder to fail when you know you're going to be held accountable. Tell someone what you're aiming for because sometimes its harder for us to quit if we know someone is watching us.

6. Accept no excuses. Working out is hard, tiring, it takes up time, it conflicts with your other priorities, etc. There will always be an excuse and a reason not to do something. But, your goal is your goal for a reason. So, look for the one reason why you should do it--and then, do it. You'll start to develop discipline.

7. Push forward. You probably aren't going to notice big results right away. You shouldn't expect to. Every single day is its own battle. Fight the good fight and keep coming back. Eventually you'll get to where you need to be. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Persistence is the ONLY way you'll ever see results.

8. Failure isn't falling down. Falling down is called life. Failure is when you decide not to get back up. Don't throw in the towel on your life goals.

Even a small step forward is progress. You have two months to stick to your resolutions. What are you waiting for?

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