This is what your holiday winter dreams are made of. There's a beautiful outdoor snow globe in the woods of Afton, Minnesota you can rent out for the night. It'll make you feel like winter royalty.

In a time where it's hard to have secluded experiences outside of your home (thanks pandemic) this snow globe is the perfect opportunity for a magical adventure.

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A night in the globe will run you $249 plus fees. It includes a heated one bedroom globe with a queen size bed and electric blankets, perfect for a couple's getaway. It's completely decked out with soft twinkling lights, white bedding, fluffy fur pillows and even a small fireplace to set the tone.

You can walk through the woods, sit out on the deck or admire the beautiful pond view from the comfort of the snow globe. Directly outside of the globe are beautiful decorative lanterns that'll really make you feel like you're in a winter wonderland.

Don't forget to bring your favorite holiday movies with you because there's also a flat screen TV for you to enjoy. Think of how awesome your Instagram photos will look after a night in the globe! This place is a photographer's dream.

Just picture watching the beautiful snowflakes fall softly as you're cozied up under fluffy blankets in the middle of the woods.

There's access to a private outhouse located outside of the snow globe.

For an added fee, you'll also have access to a hot tub and swimming pool just 150 feet away from the globe in the famous Fleetwood mansion.

The snow globe is available to rent out through Brook Fleetwood via Airbnb. You can find out more information below.

The Snow Globe in Afton, Minnesota

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