Have you ever wished you had your own backyard pool for those times when you were on a staycation or you knew the weather was going to be super hot out...or perhaps you had a BBQ coming up and wanted to add an extra element of fun?

I've definitely been there, but I'm also not trying to install my own pool that only be available for three months out of the year. I mean, it's Minnesota. What if I told you there was a better and much more affordable option?

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Well, there is. You can actually rent out pools in Minnesota like you rent out homes through Airbnb. It's pretty awesome. I love hosting events, especially when I don't have to clean up after them at my own house.

A website called Swimply helps you rent out pools in your area. You just plug in the location of where you want to rent out a pool and it will pull up a whole list of options for you. Unfortunately, they don't have any pools for rent in the St. Cloud area yet. Perhaps, if you have a pool, you could be the first on the list.

But, they do have 14 options in the Twin Cities area, mainly in Minneapolis. So if you're interested, here's how it works.

You'll be able to rent out the pool on an hourly basis. Prices for the pool range from about $35 per hour to $100 per hour.

You can click through photo galleries of the pool and check out customer ratings. If there are any extra amenities, they'll be listed. Some pools are heated, have special night lighting, a diving board, include pool toys, have a picnic area, and include access to bathrooms, changing rooms and WIFI.

It sounds swim-ply awesome! You can check out a gallery of the pools available for rent in the Minneapolis area below!

Twin Cities Pools You Can Rent Via Swimply

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