Where was this when I was 7 years old and begging my parents to go to Disney World?! Actually, where was this last week when I wanted to go to Disney World?!

Disney Parks all across the world are now available at the touch of your fingers thanks to Google's 360 panoramic street view. Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida can now be explored on your personal device from wherever you are at! The goal for this project was to help people get a feel for the parks and plan their vacations before actually getting on a plane and landing. You can explore theme parks, water parks and a variety of areas at Downtown Disney and Disney Springs.


The project was done by having a person wear a Street View Trekker around the parks, which is basically a back pack with a lot of cameras constantly taking pictures. Those pictures were then stitched together to create the amazing images and bring the magic of Disney World to our cell phones. Can you say dream job?! This person got to go to the parks and walk around as a job!!! Why didn't I apply for this?

You can check this awesome new feature out for yourself by clicking here and dropping the little yellow guy onto the map. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go pretend to stand in line for Slash Mountain.


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