I remember the first time I pumped gas...it's not as easy as everyone makes it look! All jokes aside, the Wright County Sheriff's Office is keeping a sense of humor after one of their squad cars was pictured driving around with the gas nozzle still attached to the vehicle. #Ooops!

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Wright County Sheriff's office posted two photos on Facebook that have gained the attention of hundreds of people throughout the community.

The first photo is the squad car driving around with the gas nozzle still inserted into the gas tank. Someone is probably feeling pretty embarrassed right now. The second photo shows a dog pumping the gas! It's totally adorable. #BlameTheDog #ItWasTheDogISwear

The sheriff's office wrote, "That's the last time the canine handler lets the dog gas up the squad...The WSCO longs for the return of full service gas stations."

Since being posted on Thursday, August 13, the photos have gained hundreds of reactions on social media.

Gena Louise commented, "Hey with all our deputies have to deal with these days who can blame them! Nice to see a good sense of humor. Stay safe."

Monte Bouressa wrote, "Sure, use the “DOG” card, lol. In all seriousness, I have always and will continue to support our Law Enforcement! Thank you for all you do in keeping the community safe. God bless."

Brandi Jeremy Kaskinen said, "Thanks WCSO for the humor. Hey stuff happens!! Happy to live in Wright County and have such good police! 👮‍♀️"

Gregg Beckman chimed in, "I'd hate to be the officer....... just think of all he good natured grief their taking from fellow officers. 😂."

One thing is for sure, we all needed a good laugh heading into the weekend. Thanks for sharing this with us, Wright County Sheriff's Office. Nobody is perfect and most of us probably share this same fear! We're guessing this officer will never forget to check the nozzle ever again.


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